Coach Application Process

Kidsports Coach Certification & Identification Card

To be completed once each year. Kidsports calendar year is based on August 1-July 31.

Note: To ensure data security, prospective coaches will be prompted to either log in with, or create a Google account to complete the form at the link below.  ANY EMAIL ADDRESS CAN BE USED TO CREATE A GOOGLE ACCOUNT… it does not need to be a Gmail account.  For those who do not yet have a Google account, you will be prompted to create one when you first access the form.

For reference, below are the steps you will be completing at the link above.

  1. Coaches Application/ Background Check Form
  2. Kidsports Coaches Pledge
  3. Concussion Training.
  4. NFHS Course: “Protecting Students”
  5. HEAD COACHES ONLY: Complete the free online training course: “How to Coach KIDS”
  6. Kidsports Coach ID Badge
    1. Upon completion of all of the above steps, and approval by a Kidsports Sports Manager, you will be able to obtain your Kidsports Coach ID Badge.  This card is required to be worn and visible for all practices and games, and helps ensure our league officials and participating families that ALL volunteer coaches have been fully vetted and approved to be on the field leading our participants.  
    2. To expedite the coach badge process, please email a .jpg or .heic head shot / selfie to [email protected].  (Coaches may also visit the Kidsports Fieldhouse to have a head shot taken by a member of our staff)  
    3. You will be contacted via email when your Coach ID Badge is ready for pickup.  Once ready, badges can be picked up by visiting the Kidsports Fieldhouse at Civic Park, located at 2054 Amazon Parkway during regular business hours (8:30am – 4:30pm).
    4. Benefits of Kidsports Coach ID Badge (valid upon completion of requirements)
      1. Free access to Bethel, 4J, and Springfield High School regular season athletic events
      2. Access to the Portland based Nike Employee Store once per year (July)
      3. Access to the Portland based Adidas Employee Store (a few times per year)

Kidsports believes the above coaching requirements are very important coaching tools in order to be a successful coach. Any coach – whether new or returning – who fails to complete the coaching requirements will not be assigned to a team.

Coaches must complete all steps prior to being approved and placed as a Kidsports Coach.

Out of district fall soccer teams contact Beth Nitkowski ([email protected]).
Out of district football teams contact Jesse Turk ([email protected]).

Sports Managers

CoachJob Description

As coaches, you determine the kind of experience our athletes have with sports. KS is
committed to the principles of Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). KS expects you to be a Double-Goal Coach, who strives to win (one goal), while pursuing the more-important goal of teaching life lessons through team sports.

The KS/PCA Double Goal Coach Job Description includes:

  • Model and Teach your players to Honor the Game by teaching ROOTS – Respect for Opponents, Officials, Teammates, and one’s Self.
  • Provide simple, clear, concise teaching points for your players who are in the process of learning.
  • Teach players the ELM Tree of Mastery (Effort, Learning, and bouncing back from Mistakes)
  • Reward effort, not just good outcomes. Recognize players even for “unsuccessful” effort.
  • Encourage Players to set “Effort Goals” tied to how hard they try adopting these philosophies and actions will contribute to a positive, character-building youth sports experience for all the children in the KS program.

Game Management

  • Coaches should demonstrate calm, composed, consistent behavior during games, regardless of score or situation
  • Provide simple, clear, concise teaching points for your players who are in the process of learning.
  • Maintain self control in the face of adversity or when things are not going your way (sportsmanship)
  • Focus should always be on effort and process goals rather than outcome goals.
  • Kidsports games are part of the development zone. The development zone requires an environment conducive to learning. A learning environment allows for a positive youth sport experience for everyone involved in the game.
  • As a coach it is your responsibility to create an environment that is conducive and safe for ALL kids to play in.
  • Self control is the key; kids and parents are watching you and will follow your actions.
  • This is about children and their experience – not yours. This is not about winning or losing, this is about learning.

Great coaching (& Parenting) emphasizes the WATCHING, and letting the child know that yes, “I see you.” Seeing them makes all the difference.

Kidsports Youth Basketball Coaching Resources online: