Covid Guidelines

Kidsports COVID-19 Guidelines for Participants, Coaches, Parents, and Spectators:

  • Kidsports’ current health and safety protocols are in place to help mitigate the risks and effects of COVID 19 and are in alignment with current Oregon Health Authority recommendations.
  • Parents and caregivers should monitor their children daily at home for signs of infectious illnesses, including COVID-19, and keep youth with signs or symptoms of infectious illness home when sick and/or seek medical care.
  • Encourage and support mask usage when community transmission levels are “HIGH”.  Support youth and staff who prefer to wear masks.
  • Encourage testing when symptoms consistent with a COVID 19 infection are present.
  • Following a positive test result, adhere to CDC guidelines regarding isolation and post isolation mask usage.  (As of 7-1-2022, this consists of 5 days of isolation, starting on the day symptoms present, followed by 5 days of mask usage if fever has resolved and symptoms are improving)