Current Sport Season Team Sponsors

Current Team Sponsors


Winter Basketball


Farmer’s Insurance – Michael Barclay

Downtown Athletic Club

Jonathan E. Backer, DDS

The Dance Factory

Zemper Eiva Law


Emerald Property Management

David & Annette Sparks

OMG Imaging *

OMG Country Club Road Medical Center *

OMG Westmoreland Medical Clinic *

OMG Ear Nose Throat Clinic at Garden Way *

OMG Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Clinic *

OMG West Eugene Medical Clinic *

OMG Valley Children’s Clinic *

OMG Southtowne Medical Clinic *

OMG Center for Women’s Health *

OMG Gateway Medical Center *

OMG Neurology *

OMG Crescent Family Medicine and Pediatrics *

OMG Northside Clinic *

OMG After Hours Clinic *