Tournaments & Jamborees

Note for teams entering Kidsports End of Season Tournaments (doesn’t apply to open tournaments like the Valentine’s Basketball Tournament):

  • Only Kidsports officially rostered regular season teams are eligible for tournament play.
  • As a reminder and as stated in 2.04 of the Kidsports Program and Coach Handbook: Tournament play requires that coaches play only athletes on their official roster in Kidsports’ regular season games and official tournaments.
  • Any use of a non – rostered player (even if they are officially rostered on another Kidsports team) is a severe breach of ethics and is grounds for immediate dismissal and game forfeiture. There is never a permissible reason to use a player that is not on the roster. If the coach has any questions he/she should speak with the Kidsports Sports Manager.
  • Coaches please make sure you are registering for the tournament with your official regular season roster. Lineup cards are required for tournament play.


No tournaments-jamborees scheduled at this time.