6th-8th Grade February Ready Set Go! Clinics

  • Fee: $36 * for two 90-minute sessions
  • Registration Deadline: Feb. 15th or when full (space is limited)

Two weeks to choose from or sign up for both:

Week 1 ($36):  Monday 9:30am-11am  (Feb. 15) AND Wednesday 9:30am-11am  (Feb. 17)

Week 2 ($36):  Monday 9:30am-11am  (Feb. 22) AND Wednesday 9:30am-11am  (Feb. 24)

Ready, Set, Go! (think Ninja Warrior and Athletic Development) sessions are designed to build confidence and strength through fun, engaging, and challenging obstacles, activities and unique games. Young athletes will develop and learn their own style of movement and athletic skills through a variety of outside the box challenges that promote spatial awareness and both gross and fine motor skills. Movement sense and agility are developed through practicing, exploring movement, and trying things out through application in modified games.

  • Athletic development is the focus of these sessions. We believe in the long-term athletic development, therefore, our program focuses on simple movements such as the ABC’S of development: Agility, Balance, Coordination, and Speed which are applicable to all sports.
  • This youth program aims to develop coordinative abilities like spatial awareness, balance, and movement adequacy. Aspiring athletes in grades 6-8 need to be exposed to a wide variety of movement challenges in order to develop effective coordination and movement skills.
  • Ready, Set, Go! sessions will be fun, engaging, challenging, and most importantly, semi-organized.  The structure is a combination of supervised unstructured play where young athletes will develop their own style of movement so to solve movement problems in their own unique way.  Movement sense is developed through practicing, exploring movement, and trying things out through application in modified games.

The sessions will take place on the Civic Park turf field and outdoor courts.

Given COVID protocols and space limits and restrictions, spectators and parents are not able to attend.

* Scholarship discount of 25% off is available to those that qualify for free or reduced lunch.
Contact us before you complete your registration at info@kidsports.org to provide us with your proof of scholarship qualification and to have us make the scholarship option available on your account in our new Dash registration system.

Safety and Sanitation

Don’t worry, we are planning comprehensive safety and sanitation measures to ensure for both a fun and safe environment. Plans include daily health checks, physical distancing, handwashing and sanitization stations, separated activities, drop off and pick up procedures.

Participants are required to wear a face covering at all times. We ask that parents provide a face covering for their children, but we will have them available for children who do not have one.  We understand that this may be difficult for some children, but our staff has prepared a curriculum designed to also provide regular rest and water breaks.


During Clinics:

  • Players will wash/Sanitize hands before the start of clinics and at regular intervals during the clinics.
  • Players will be placed in a cohort of approx. 10 per group. They will stay with that same group each day of camp.
  • Balls and other equipment will be sanitized frequently
  • Only one player will be able to use the restroom at a time and they will be required to sanitize their hands before and after they enter the bathroom
  • Only the indoor water bottle filling station will be used
  • All clinic instructors will wear masks.
  • All other staff will wear masks in all areas.
  • Parents & Spectators won’t be allowed to attend.
  • Players need to bring a water bottle (marked with name). 

No refunds or cancellations due to weather.

Due to the uncertainty of the continually changing situation with covid, camp curriculum and schedules are subject to change.