Fall 2020 Soccer & Flag Football Info

Additional Info and Clarifications

Masks/Face Coverings:

All players, coaches, spectators, referees, staff, etc. must wear masks during practices and games.  There will be occasions during practices when the players can take a break from the mask during drills where everyone maintains proper social distancing.  See the Oregon Heath Authority guidelines for youth sports return to play:  https://sharedsystems.dhsoha.state.or.us/DHSForms/Served/le2351k.pdf


Our first priority is to provide a safe and quality youth sport experience for all kids.  We have worked diligently behind the scenes in order to be able to provide some spectator space for parents. For practices and games, 1 parent/guardian per child will be invited into the park to watch their child.  We know this is a hardship for all, however, we have limited spectator space on the field due to COVID protocol and regulations.  We appreciate your cooperation, patience, and understanding in order to provide a safe and quality youth sport experience for all children participating.

Out of District Participation:

For this fall season we are limiting participation to players in the Eugene/Springfield area and nearby surrounding communities within 25 miles.  Practices/games take place at Civic Park in Eugene.  If you are in a nearby surrounding community and want to register and get placed on a team, sign up like all other individual registrants at www.kidsports.org.  If your school is not listed when registering, select OTHER and list your school and town in the NOTES section.

If you haven’t already, create an account for yourself and your kids here in our new online registration system called DASH:  https://apps.dashplatform.com/dash/index.php?Action=Auth/login&company=civicpark 

If you have a transfer credit from a previous season or you need a scholarship discount applied, first create an account in our new Dash registration system and then contact us (email: info@kidsports.org) so we can make the credit available to you to use to register.
There is a 25% scholarship discount for those that qualify for free school lunches.  If further assistance is needed contact us at info@kidsports.org.

See our standard refund policy:  https://kidsports.org/policies/refund-policy/