IF there is not an official at your game, call 541-556-9042.

Interested in Officiating?

Please send us an email ([email protected]) or fill out the form below for more information about becoming a Kidsports official.

Kidsports officials are trained by local professionals in the art of officiating. All of our trainers officiate at the high school level as well in youth organizations. New officials are required to attend training events and are typically grouped with veteran officials during games.

Kidsports Official Evaluation Form

In our constant pursuit to train/improve and put the best officials on the field or on the court, we welcome constructive criticism. Please fill out the form below if you experienced something that needs to be shared. All evaluation forms are considered and reviewed by the director of officials and the Kidsports staff. Upon completing the evaluation form, you will either receive a phone call or an email response.