Hot Weather Info

Kidsports Activities in the Heat

For practices and games, we generally follow the high school OSAA guidelines regarding heat index. The heat index is a value that takes into account temperature and relative humidity. When the heat index exceeds 105, activities should be stopped.

  • Athletes should hydrate before practices and games.
  • Water should always be available and athletes should be able to take in as much water as they desire throughout practices and games.
  • Watch/monitor athletes and take frequent water breaks and rest breaks.
  • For players that wear a lot of equipment, like catchers, be sure to rotate players from that position frequently so that they don’t overheat from wearing bulky gear for excessive periods of time.
  • Seek out and utilize shaded areas, and out of direct sunlight as necessary.
  • Apply adequate sunscreen.

As is always the case throughout the year in any sport season, if any parent feels that any situation is unsafe for their particular child they should not participate.