Sports Physicals for Tackle Football

Each tackle football participant is required to have a current sports physical on file with Kidsports.

Sports physicals for Kidsports Tackle Football are good for two (2) Kidsports tackle football seasons – if presented prior to the start of the Kidsports Tackle Football season. That is – your sports physical would be good for the current season, and the following season only.

Opportunity for free sports physicals:

If your child needs a sports physical, Pacific Sports & Spine (217 Division Ave., Eugene, OR 97404) is offering free sports physicals to KIDSPORTS youth and families. 

Physicals available on August 14th, starting at 5:30pm.

–          Bring a blank copy of this Physical Examination Form with you to give to the doctor to fill out.

–          We are not going to take appointments for the physicals.

–          It will be first come/first serve so there could be a wait.

–          We will have 4-5 providers offering the physicals so we should be able to get kids through quickly.

Please do not call Pacific Sports and Spine for info or appointments.

It is ok if you need to be late or miss practice that evening in order to get the physical.

On behalf of the KS community, we THANK Pacific Sports & Spine for this generous gesture and their contributions in helping to keep kids active, safe, and healthy.

  • 217 Division Ave., Eugene, Oregon 97404