Sports Rules

General Rules of Play

Game Rules

All Kidsports games are played under the rules of the National Federation of State High School Athletic Associations, except as modified by Kidsports Advisory committees. Each coach receives a list of modifications and minimum player participation requirements before the beginning of each season.

Playing Time Requirements

Kidsports encourages maximum playing time for all participants regardless of skill or experience level. Kidsports policy establishes minimum playing time for each sport and grade level. Kindergarten – 5th grade – 50% minimum • 6th – 12th grade 33% minimum

Kidsports takes violations of player substitution, practice and training rules seriously. Games could be forfeited, causing teams to be eliminated or unable to advance in or to attend Kidsports championship tournaments.


While attending practices and games, only the child who is playing in Kidsports may be dropped off without parental supervision. In general, no practice times will be assigned for high school teams.


Games in all sports can be played on weekends and weekdays. Kidsports makes every effort to schedule half of your child’s games within your local high school area. There are occasions, due to availability of facilities and scheduling conflicts, that may cause teams to play in other high school areas. All players are expected to get to the game sites early enough to allow for adequate warm up time.


A coach has the authority to establish reasonable disciplinary guidelines and penalties. This may include disciplinary actions against players who will not follow instructions or who willfully disrupt practices, etc. Such action cannot be more severe than seven (7) days suspension from team activities. If a coach desires more severe action, he/she must petition Kidsports staff for variance from this policy. Before any disciplinary action takes place, the player’s parents should be notified and given all details.


Kidsports does not encourage coaches or volunteers to provide transportation to games or practice. Personal arrangements must be made between interested parties and at their own risk and discretion. Please do not park on private property.


Kidsports will issue T-shirts to participants on various grade teams. Players will keep their shirts. Some grades may be loaned uniforms from Kidsports as part of their registration fee. Parents and players are jointly responsible for ensuring the return of the uniforms to Kidsports immediately following the team’s last game of the season.

Failure to return uniforms in a timely fashion will result in both the financial responsibility to replace the uniform and the loss of eligibility to participate in future Kidsports programs until the uniform is returned or paid for.


NO jewelry, including pierced earrings, may be worn during practices/games.

No Alcoholic Beverages

No alcohol is allowed on City of Eugene or School District property including parking lots.

No Smoking

State law prohibits the possession or use of tobacco on school property including parking lots.

No Tobacco Products

Use of cigarettes, cigars and pipes or the oral use of tobacco products is strictly prohibited on school grounds including sports fields and parking lots.

Rules by Sport