Basketball Rules

General Rules

  1. GAMES
    1. Official Schedule: A schedule of games for each Kidsports team will be prepared by the Kidsports program staff. Once a schedule is published by Kidsports, the schedule will not be changed, altered, modified, etc., except for those situations deemed to be of an extraordinary nature (school related). All schedule changes must be approved by a program director. If you are coaching more than one team you must have an assistant coach prepared to take over one of your teams in the event of a schedule conflict.
    2. Times: Most Kidsports scheduled games will be played on weekends: Saturdays from 9:00 am-10:00 pm and Sundays from 9:00 am-10:00 pm.
    3. Team Arrival at Game Site: At least one registered coach from each team or representative should be at the game site at least 15 minutes prior to the starting time listed on the official schedule published by Kidsports. Teams are not to arrive at the game site more than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.
    4. Official Scorekeeper & Timer: The home team is responsible for supplying the official book and official scorekeeper. The visiting team is responsible for providing the official time keeper for the game.
    5. Starting Time: Games must begin no later than the scheduled time according to the official schedule published by KIDSPORTS. If a preceding game extends beyond the scheduled starting time, the delayed game must begin within 15 minutes following completion of the preceding game.
    6. Game Ball: The game ball will be a Kidsports-issued ball unless both coaches decide to use an alternative.
      1. NOTE: Failure to begin the game with a minimum of three players (see 1(E)) will cause the official to award a win by forfeit to the team ready to play. If both teams are in violation, the game will be declared “no contest” and each team will be charged with a loss. NO RESCHEDULE
    7. No Protests: All decisions by officials are final. Kidsports does not recognize protests.
    8. Non-Rostered Players: Only players listed on your official Kidsports team roster are eligible to play for your team during Kidsports scheduled games. Playing ineligible players will result in FORFEITURE of game(s) and coach SUSPENSIONS or TERMINATION.
  2. Pre-Game
    1. Game Sheet/Score Table: For 3rd grade and above, there will be an official game sheet at the score table. Each team should be prepared to have a volunteer adult scorekeeper/timekeeper work at the score table each game.
    2. Five Minutes to Game Time: The game sheet must be filled out and ready to go with the game time/location, home/away team names, and player jersey numbers listed from each team.
  3. Team Conduct
    1. Smoking/Drugs: Smoking or the use of alcoholic beverages and/or drugs are not permitted in the gymnasium or on school grounds by any player, coach, team personnel or spectators.
    2. Team Bench: Players and substitutes shall sit on their team benches unless playing in the game. No one except eligible players in uniform, coaches, and scorekeeper(s) shall occupy the bench area during the game.
    3. Sportsmanship: Coaches are reminded to display good sportsmanship at all times and to set the example for players and parents. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of their players, assistant coaches and parents as well as themselves. Anyone ejected from a game will automatically be suspended from the next game (minimum). Depending on the nature of the ejection, the suspension may be for multiple games and/or the season.
    4. Jewelry: Players MAY NOT wear ANY jewelry during games. Earrings CANNOT be taped and MUST BE REMOVED. Cloth friendship bracelets ARE considered jewelry. The official shall issue a warning to both benches on a first offense by either team. Any subsequent offense will result in a technical foul charged to the offending team.
    5. Uniforms: All teams will wear KIDSPORTS issued uniforms and not alter them in any way.
  4. Officiating
    1. 3rd grade – 12th Grade: Officials for all Kidsports scheduled games played in-district are assigned by a commissioner. Unfortunately, officials occasionally do not show up for games. In this case locate the Kidsports Gym Supervisor assigned to your facility to notify Kidsports that an official has not arrived. We will attempt to get someone there. However, coaches should play the game with parent volunteer referees. If the coaches cannot agree and the game is not played, Kidsports cannot guarantee that the game will be rescheduled.
    2. Coach/Referee Relations: Officials working Kidsports games are often in their first or second year of officiating. Just like the young players on your team, they are still learning and will make mistakes. Please be patient and understand that each official is striving to improve and should be treated with respect. Abusive behavior towards the referee from coaches, parents or players during or after the game will not be tolerated!
  5. Championship Events
    1. Following the completion of the regular season schedule, Kidsports will conduct the Kids Klassic Tournament that all 5th-8th grade teams are automatically entered in. No admission fee for spectators will be charged during the Kids Klassic Basketball Tournament.