Flag Football Rules 9th-12th Grade

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  1. Please arrive about 30 minutes prior to your listed time on the game schedule.
  2. We will be setup at the northwest gate entrance of the field to do the health check/temp check process for each coach, player, and the single spectator allowed per player.
  3. We ask that coaches organize your team in the sidewalk area of the parking lot to be ready to go through the check-in line as a group to make things more efficient so everyone can get on the field to warm up.
  4. Each player should be in line with their accompanying parent spectator so they can be checked in quickly.

Game Play:

  1. Games will be 7v7
  2. Ball carrier will be “down” when touched with 1 hand
  3. The games will be Self-officiated by the coaching staffs.
  4. The ball will be spotted on the 40 yard line going in to start.
    1. 4 downs to get to the 20, 4 downs to get into the endzone
  5. There are NO special teams (kicking)
  6. 5 seconds to throw the ball
  7. No blocking or rushing the QB

Game Timing:

  1. Games will be 2 x 20min running clock halves, 5 minute halftime
  2. You will have aprox. 15 minutes to warm-up prior to the game
  3. IMMEDIATELY following the game, your team and spectators will need to make their way towards the asphalt area next to the KS fieldhouse and exit through the northeast exit gate so the next teams can take the field quickly.