Rec Soccer 2nd Grade Rules

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A. Number of players: The maximum number of players on the field for one team at any one time is six (6). One of the players must be designated as a goalie by wearing a pinnie of a different color than the rest of the team. The Goalkeeper may only use their hands in the designated goal box, but may come out of the goal box area and play like a field player and use only their feet. Upon returning to the goal box they may use their hands once again. A team may start with five (5) players without forfeiting the contest.

B. The duration of game: The game will consist of two (2) twenty minute halves and a five-minute half time break between halves.

C. Field size: The field will be rectangular, 178ft by 105ft.

D. Goals: 6 ft. tall by 12 ft. wide

E. Ball size: The game ball used shall be a No. 3 sized ball.

F. Offsides: There will be no offsides.

G. Throw-ins: Covid modification— No Throw-ins. All out of bounds on sidelines will be a kick restart.  The ball will be placed on the line for the kick.  Opposing team must be 6 yards back from ball. Ball can be kicked in any direction and be on the ground. Encourage and remind players to not pick up the ball and to kick or dribble the ball into place.  Kick is indirect (cannot score goal off kick restart)

H. Corner kicks: Conform to FIFA rule except that opponents must be six (6) yards off the ball.

I. Goal kicks: Conform to FIFA rules except that opponents must be six (6) yards off the ball.

J. Free kicks: Conform to FIFA rule except all kicks shall be INDIRECT. A goal may not be scored until the ball has been played or touched by a second player of either team. No kicks shall be taken by the attacking team within the defending team’s approximate goal box. Opponents must be six (6) yards off the ball.

K. Penalty kicks: No penalty kicks are to be taken. Use indirect kick as above.

L. Build out line Covid Modification: The Build out line will be the midfield marker.   

  • Opponents must retreat behind the build out line when the goalkeeper has possession of theball in their hands.
  • The goalkeeper may roll, throw, or pass the ball back into play when the
    opponents have retreated.
  • The ball is in play when it leaves the Goalies possession.
  • The Goalkeeper does not have to wait until they retreat—they can recognize an opportunity to play the ball quickly.
    -The goalkeeper may not punt or drop kick the ball—if they do it is an indirect free kick at the spot of the infraction.
  • After the ball is put into play, the opposing team can then cross the build out line and play can resume as normal.

M. Heading the Ball:

  • No intentional heading allowed
  • The penalty for intentionally heading the ball is an indirect free kick from the spot of the
    infraction, unless the infraction happened inside the goal area.
  • If the infraction happens inside the goal area, the restart is an indirect free kick from a spot on the goal area line parallel with the end line that is closest to where the infraction took place.

Covid reduced contact: We are instructing coaches, players and referees to focus on reducing unnecessary physical contact.  This would include shoulder and hip checks, among other kinds of contact.  Light, infrequent contact of players is what will be the goal of all games.

N. Slide Tackles:  Slide tackles are not allowed.


A. Free substitutions are allowed throughout the game. Players can enter or leave the game on a dead ball or stoppage of play.

B. Playing time: Each player MUST play at least half of the game, with entry on both halves.

C. Maximizing playing opportunity: Player participation should be maximized. It is the major goal of KIDSPORTS that playing time is maximized for ALL players, not just the very skilled.

D. Covid Modification: Game Sheets– Teams will need to fill out a game sheet that has the names of  players, coaches and spectators in attendance for the game.  Game sheets will be collected at the end of each game by KS staff.


A. Footwear: Shall conform to FIFA with the following exceptions: Footwear shall include tennis shoes or soft cleated soccer shoes.

B. Shin Guards: All players shall play with shin-guards and they must be covered by at least one layer of a sock.

C. Jewelry: There shall be NO jewelry worn by any participants. Children should refrain from having their ears pierced during the season.

D. Uniform: All players must wear their official KIDSPORTS team shirt issued for that season.

E. Casts: Casts may be worn if they are safely padded, the player has a licensed physician’s approval to play with a cast, and it’s not dangerous to him/herself or anyone else.

F. Covid Modification: Masks must be worn by all players, coaches, referees and spectators.  This includes while on the sidelines and during play of the game.    Players can be spaced 6ft or more away from others on sidelines, to be able to take mask off and get a fresh air break.


A. Referees: Games will be refereed by trained KIDSPORTS Officials. As a general rule, our officials in the younger grades are just getting started and need your support and cooperation. If you have a complaint or notice an obvious deficiency in the official knowledge or understanding of the rules of soccer please notify your KIDSPORTS Sports Manager. Please don’t repeatedly confront the official.

B. No-Show: If a game is set to begin play and the referee is not in attendance, the head coaches shall mutually agree on volunteer referee(s) and play the game. If no agreement to play can be reached, the coaches may request KIDSPORTS reschedule the game. However, the coaches must understand that a reschedule will be impossible in most cases.