Volleyball Rules

General Rules

The rules and regulations in this handbook have been implemented to provide a quality program and positive experience for all participants. Kidsports mission is to promote the development of these players by creating a learning environment which encompasses all aspects and positions of volleyball. At every level, the long term objective should be three hits per side. Make sure this is the goal for your team. Do not stress winning the game, but that your team attempts to get three hits every time the ball comes to their side of the net. As a volunteer coach, you have the opportunity to teach young athletes the values, ethics, and responsibilities that are important to the guidance and development of your team. Coaches are expected to maintain a positive attitude and comply with the meaning, spirit and intent of program policies and regulations of Kidsports. Most program policies dealing with team formation, practices, and general procedures can be found in your Coach’s Handbook.

  1. Games & Matches
    1. Official Schedule
      1. A schedule for each KIDSPORTS team will be drafted by the KIDSPORTS Program Staff. Once a schedule is published by KIDSPORTS, the schedule will not be changed, altered, modified, etc., except in those situations deemed to be of an extraordinary nature.
      2. All schedule changes must be approved by a Sports Manager.
    2. Game Times
      1. Friday games played in the evening.
      2. Saturday games played all day.
      3. Sunday games played all day.
    3. Team Arrival
      1. Five minutes prior to a scheduled game, coaches will meet with officials for pre-game conference, coin flip and exchange of lineup cards. The minimum number of players (3 for grades 3-5 and 4 for grades 6-8) must be present prior to the scheduled match starting time.
      2. Failure to have players present and/or failure of coaches to have pre-game duties completed at the scheduled starting time will cause the referee to award a win by forfeit to the team ready to play. If both teams are in violation, the game will be declared “no contest” and each team will be charged with a loss.
    4. Starting Time
      1. Games must start at the scheduled starting time according to the official schedule published by KIDSPORTS. If a preceding game extends beyond the scheduled starting time, the game must begin within 5 minutes after the completion of the preceding game.
    5. Disputed Calls and Protests
      1. Disputed calls must be resolved on the court. The official’s decisions are final.
    6. Game Sheets
      1. Prior to each game, each coaches are required to fill out an official KIDSPORTS game sheet. The game sheet must include all players listed on the team roster filed with the KIDSPORTS office.