4th Grade Volleyball Rules

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(Unless specified, games will be played

according to high school rules).

4th Grade Objectives: 4th grade is our 2nd year entry-level program for volleyball participation. The goal of the program is to help children develop movement skills, and volleyball specific skills, in order to move and play with basic passing and playing fundamentals of the game. The 3 serve (2 player serves & 1 coach) rule encourages and enhances this development.

Games are played according to the National Federation of State High School Associations Volleyball Rules Book (NFHS). Below are modifications and clarifications adopted by KIDSPORTS for teams in the 4th grade.

I. The Match and Scoring:

There will be no scoring for 4th grade. Teams will play with a 45-minute running clock.

II. Time Outs:

Teams will each have 2 timeouts per game that shall not exceed 60 seconds each and are not allowed during the last two minutes of a time limit.

III. The Server:

There will be three total serves for each team possession. Servers have the opportunity to serve twice in the serving position. Once the player serves two times, it will become coach toss for one serve. In coach toss, the defensive coach will toss the ball once to their own team. The coach will move to the opposite side of the net to put the ball into play. Defensive players may not attack the ball at the net, regardless of if the ball is served by the player or coach toss.

IV. The Rotation:

Each team must rotate their entire roster throughout each game, into the serving position. In rotation, the new player can be inserted before or after the team’s possession. Whichever you decide you need to be consistent throughout the game.

V. The Court:

4th grade play on a court 20′ X 20′ for each half.

VI. Serving Line:

4th grade will serve from the back line (20′ from the net).

VII. Net:

4th grade will have 6′ net height.

VIII. Ball:

A special light weight ball will be used and provided by KIDSPORTS.

IX. Team Composition:

A team shall consist of four players on the court at one time in 4th grade. At least three players must be present to start a game. If a player shows up after a game has begun, he/she should be inserted into the game at a side-out or a time out.

X. Playing Requirements:

All players present play in every game. Players follow the rotation assigned by the coach prior to the game. The only substitutions or changes allowed will be due to a late arriving player or an injured player.