7th-8th Grade Volleyball Rules

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Fall 2020 volleyball season rules adjustments:

Match Days/Times:
Practices and Matches can be Friday evenings, Saturday any time, or Sunday any time.

Line up cards:
Line up cards will not be used for this season.  Players will be listed in the scorebook.

Match Length:
All matches will have a 45-minute time limit.

Service line:
The service line will be the back line of the court.
Exception:  6th grade can serve from the 28ft. mark instead of the 30ft. back line.

Limit one parent spectator per player.  No exceptions, no younger siblings, etc.

7th-8th Grade Rule Modifications

(Unless specified, games will be played according to high school rules).

7th-8th Grade Objectives: 7th/8th grade volleyball refines fundamental movement and volleyball sport specific skills while continuing to introduce and develop more advanced fundamentals and competitive skills of the game. Minimum playing time for all players must be facilitated (each player must play in at least 33% of match time) through the NFHS (National Federation of High School) Volleyball rules

Games are played according to the National Federation of State High School Associations Volleyball Rules Book (NFHS). Below are modifications and clarifications adopted by Kidsports for teams in the 7/8th grade.

  1. The Match & Scoring
    1. A regular season match will consist of 2 out of 3 games.
    2. Rally scoring will be used. The winner of a game shall be the first team to 25 points. If a third game is necessary, it will be played to 15 points. All games must have a two-point margin for victory with a cap of 27 points in the first two games and a cap of 17 points in the third game.
  2. Time Limits
    1. The total match will have a 50-minute time limit. If time limit is reached, finish the point if in the middle of play. Regardless of score of game, the match is over. If a team has already won 2 games, teams will continue to play until they’ve reached the time limit. (This modification is to encourage practice/skill building. No score will be kept for the 3rd game).
  3. Time outs
    1. Time Outs (2 per game) shall not exceed 30 seconds.
  4. The Server
    1. The server is a designated back row player and cannot come to the net to attack the ball. Under rally scoring, a let serve is legal and the ball is in play. Player is allowed 1 serve-toss restart once per serving rotation. Referee may award a point to the other team each time a player continues to do a “practice toss” before each serve.
  5. The Court
    1. A full size court 30′ X 30′ for each half will be utilized.
  6. Serving Line
    1. The serving line will be at 28 feet from the center line.
  7. Net
    1. Net height will be 7′ 4 1/8”.
  8. Ball
    1. 7th and 8th grades will use a regulation ball provided by Kidsports.
  9. Team Composition
    1. A team shall consist of six (6) players on the court at one time. At least four players must be present to start a game. If a player shows up after a game has begun, he/she should be inserted into the game at an appropriate time.
  10. Playing Requirements
    1. 7/8th grade volleyball plays pure NFHS volleyball rules while honoring the minimum playing time for each player (33% of match time available).
  11. Playing Requirements
    1. Substitutions: Players should be substituted following regular high school rules.
    2. Exception: Bronze level teams can choose to use the player rotation method used in 6th grade or use high school substitution rules. Coach must choose one method or the other and stick with it through an entire game. Different method can be used in each seperate game within a match.
    3. Failure to play players the required amount shall result in a forfeit of the match
    4. Coach must clear with Sports Manager if a player does not play required minimum playing time due to disciplinary reasons. This must be cleared prior to the game.
  12. Libero (lee-bah-ro)
    1. The Libero is a defensive specialist. Why would a Kidsports team use a libero?
      1. Utilize a player who has exceptional back row skills.
      2. Give a defensive specialist/smaller player a chance to play more than ½ of the game if they don’t play front row.
      3. Start to learn the high-school game/rules.
      4. The libero CAN:
        1. Substitute for any back row position
        2. Serve from one spot in the rotation
        3. Sub out/Sub in on the same possession
      5. The libero CANNOT:
        1. Attack above the net anywhere on the court
        2. Set the ball overhand from in front of the 10 ft. line resulting in an attack
        3. Play the front row
      6. Libero Procedure:
        1. Designate the Libero in the starting line-up
        2. Libero must wear a different color jersey (or a penny)
        3. The Libero substitutes freely and immediately after a play without stopping at the net (as with formal substitutions).
        4. The libero and the player she is replacing must both exit and enter the court behind the 10′ line.