6th/8th Basketball Information

Winter 2020-21 — We will update information regarding the winter basketball season if/when the Oregon Health Authority gives updates on whether basketball will be an approved youth sport for regular competition.

Info below is from previous seasons and doesn’t pertain to 2020-21.

Important Dates:

6th – 8th grade Boys registration deadline: TBA

Team Formation Week: TBA

6th – 8th grade Girls registration deadline: TBA*

Team Formation Week: TBA

*The 6th – 8th grade girls basketball program begins in December to allow girls to play both Kidsports Volleyball and Kidsports basketball without having to choose between the two sports. The Kidsports 6th – 8th grade girls’ basketball program runs the same total number of weeks as the boys basketball program; but the beginning and ending dates are staggered to allow kids to play multiple sports with minimum overlap.

Kidsports middle school basketball program provides opportunity for all kids to play the game of basketball, whether you are preparing to take the next step to high school basketball, trying a new sport, or just playing a sport you love during the winter sport season.

Kidsports offers basketball during the traditional winter basketball season – November to March. The Kidsports league consists of:

* 6 mini games during the Jamboree Kick off weekend;

* 10 regular season games

* 2 guaranteed (minimum) end of season tournament games – Kidsports Kids Klassic

* Opportunity to play in outside tournaments throughout the KS season. (Please see outside tournament information and registration fees below)

National & Current Youth Basketball and Youth Sport Development Recommendations:

Kidsports seeks to follow current national & international educational, sport science, and long-term athlete development principles regarding optimal social, mental, emotional, and physical development of children in all of our team sport opportunities.

In step with these recommendations, the possible 15 – 20 Kidsports game league schedule falls in line with what is recommended for this age group:

* 6th – 8th Grade: Optimal competition calendar planning at all stages is critical to athlete development – at certain stages, developing the physical capacities take precedence over competition

* For children aged 12 – 14 an optimal competition calendar is 60% training to 40% competition ratio.

* This equates to approximately 3 practices for 1.5 games for optimal development of children in any late specialization sport, such as basketball.

* The Kidsports basketball program provides 2.1 practices per every game and thus provides as close to an optimal competition calendar for youth aged 12 to 14 as possible, given allocated gym time & space (http://www.aspenprojectplay.org/http://canadiansportforlife.ca/learn-about-canadian-sport-life; http://www.basketball.ca/files/LTAD.pdf)


* Pre-season jamboree games (6 mini games)

* 10 regular season games

* 2 guaranteed (minimum) end of season tournament games – Kidsports Kids Klassic

* Uniforms – KS provides a sleeveless uniform and teams also have the option of buying their own uniforms

* Kidsports 6th – 8th grade basketball requires no admission fees for parents or spectators to watch any Kidsports league games or tournaments.

* The Kidsports middle school basketball program for boys and girls offers our community a local league where basketball players can play, develop, and have fun.

* Scholarship assistance: Kidsports is where “all kids play:” We never turn down a child who can’t pay, nor ever deny a child because of their athletic ability. (See scholarship eligibility & information)


* All Kidsports coaches are Kidsports Coach Certified – which means Kidsports volunteer coaches have taken safety and education courses that are in line with national youth sport coaching standards. Check out the Kidsports Coach Certification Program.


* ALL registrants must be present and participate in the first week of scheduled practices (Boys starting Nov. 11th!/Girls starting Dec. 9th!) as coaches will be on hand to evaluate and assign you for the appropriate skill level and placement on a team. All teams will be determined after this point and will then begin team practices in preparation for the Kidsports seeding jamboree. All players must participate in their current grade level of school enrollment.


* ALL teams will participate in a pre-season “seeding” jamboree. Each team will play multiple “mini-games” against other teams from their grade level and the results of those jamboree games will be used to place teams in appropriate leagues based on their skill level, for the regular season (Gold, Silver, Bronze).

Outside tournaments:

* * All Kidsports teams have the opportunity to participate in other outside tournaments (some listed here) and AAU and OAB tournaments during the Kidsports basketball season. Teams register directly with the tournament organizations for all outside tournaments and NOT through KS.

* Let us know before the season which other outside tournaments or AAU or OAB tournaments you are going to participate in and we’ll schedule your Kidsports league games around those dates.

* Other outside tournaments and AAU and OAB are independent of Kidsports.  Parents should be aware that there is an admission charge to watch their child play at an AAU or OAB tournament.