Summer Camps/Clinics Covid Updates

July 1st UPDATE
(Note: The guidelines below apply to KS summer camps/clinics. For other events/tournaments there may be other protocols in place to be specified at the time of those events.)

KS Families:

Although the State of Oregon has lifted  COVID 19 restrictions, KS will continue to follow OHA guidelines with regards to best practices to support the health and safety of youth participating in summer programs.

The last year and a half has been tremendously challenging with the constant and continued change with regards to COVID 19 protocols.  We understand that these times have been difficult and taxing for families and the patience and understanding you have shown has been immensely appreciated.  Slowly we are emerging from the pandemic however, KS’s number one priority is the safety and health of our youth.

Please read carefully the updated KS Summer Camps/Clinic guidelines as outlined by the OHA “Summer and Youth Programs Reopening Public Health Recommendations and Requirements.”

  1. Face masks and face coverings:
    – When indoors, all adults are required to wear a face covering unless they are vaccinated. (Coaches/clinicians not vaccinated will be required to wear masks)
    – When indoors, youth in grades kindergarten and up are encouraged to wear a face mask/covering however, it is not required and parents can give their children permission to not wear the face mask/covering during indoor activity.  Parents can also provide guidance for their children to continue to wear masks when indoors
  2. Hand hygiene:
    – Hand sanitizer, handwashing facilities, tissues and garbage receptacles will be easily accessible to both youth and staff.
  3. Ventilation:
    – Ventilation systems (e.g., HVAC) will be operating at full capacity to increase circulation of outdoor air as much as possible through open windows and doors and using fans and other methods where possible.
  4. Physical distancing and cohorting
    – Instructors and youth will remain in the same groups during the week of camp.  Cohort groups will also practice physical distancing.
  5. Cleaning and disinfection:
    – High-touch/highly frequented surfaces and spaces will be cleaned and sanitized frequently (for example, shared equipment, stations, bleachers, bathrooms, water filling station etc…)
  6. No spectators for KS Summer Camps/Clinics