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NBA encourages kids to play multiple sports

NEW YORK, N.Y. — The best thing young players can do for their basketball careers is participate in other sports. Those were among the guidelines announced Monday by the National Basketball Association (NBA) and USA Basketball to begin Jr. NBA Week. The Jr. NBA is the league’s youth basketball program… Read More

Why Kids Shouldn’t Specialize in One Sport

In a move that surprised many sports parents, last week the USTA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA, U.S. Olympic Committee and three dozen other leading sports organizations joined forces to speak out against the popular “early specialization” trend in youth sports, where children under 12 focus intensively on one sport, at… Read More

Why Playing Multiple Sports—Not Just One—Is Best for Kids

In this day and age when trophies and scholarships dominate youth athletics, kids are being pushed to specialize in a single sport as early as their pre-teen years. Driven by the professionalization of youth sports, coaches and parents alike have turned their focus to making kids young experts in their… Read More

Learning about your new team

Basketball season is upon us and I am signed up again to coach a young girls basketball team. The subject of “creating culture” has been buzzing as of late, so I thought I would share a couple notes on ways I have found to create a fun and successful culture…. Read More

The Value of Playing Multiple Sports

Leslie Osborne is a former professional soccer player and PCA National Advisory Board member. She began her career at Santa Clara University, playing for PCA National Advisory Board Member Jerry Smith (@SCUJerrySmith). During her collegiate career she won an NCAA championship and was honored with the Honda Sports Award, given… Read More

The Talent Code

About 5 years ago I read a very interesting book called, “Mind Set: The New Psychology of Success.” Mindset is a simple idea discovered by world-renowned Stanford University Psychologist Carol Dweck in decades of research on achievement and success – a simple idea that makes all the difference. Teaching a… Read More