Scholarships & Fee Reductions

40% off regular sport season based on qualifications

Award letter or proof of income required. Do I Qualify?

Adopt-A-Child Scholarships

More info coming Fall 2022

3rd Child Discount

$15 discount for third child during same sports season, for any sport.

Payment Deferment Plan

1/2 down at time of registration and then up to 3 payments after the fact.

Note: Scholarships cover Kidsports registration fees. Additional fees such as equipment, uniforms, US Lacrosse fees, and OYSA fees for Klassic soccer players, are not covered.

Scholarship and Fee Reduction Policy

Kidsports uses the same income guidelines for scholarships as the school districts do to determine who receives free school lunches. If your children are eligible for free school lunches, they most likely will qualify for a scholarship from Kidsports. For our full sport seasons, scholarship amount is 40% of the registration fee, excluding additional fees such as equipment, uniforms, US Lacrosse fees, OYSA fees for Klassic soccer players, etc.

For TOT Soccer, Little Hitters, and other various clinics, there are flat rate scholarship discounts that are less than 40%. Please see each individual program/clinic page on our website, or inquire for actual discount.

Proof of income, unemployment, the award letter stating your child’s eligibility for free school lunches or financial aid must be provided (*Free Lunch Award Letter must state that you applied for and were granted free lunch based on income). You may also provide a statement of benefits from the Oregon Department of Human Services. We cannot accept an Oregon Trail card or OHP/LIPA verification.

Proof of income may be 3 months of pay stubs with year to date figures or a tax statement (such as a W2 from the previous year). The award letter may be obtained from the district office (Bethel, 4J orSpringfield, see below for contact information). The district offices will no longer fax us these forms as it is confidential information and Kidsports is a third party recipient. You may request a district staff member to print, mail or e-mail you the award letter which then can be submitted to the Kidsports office.

Your child is not registered until we receive payment. As a result he or she will not appear on the roster and is ineligible for participation (including practices) until the fees are paid.

If we do not receive payment by the registration deadline, there is no guarantee that Kidsports can hold a place on a team for your child.

Scholarships are not available for out of district players. Scholarships awarded are good for most sports for one school year (fee reductions apply for the duration of a single school year, beginning in September and ending the following August). Some clinics, camps and the golf programs that are offered through Kidsports do not have scholarships available.

Please contact a Kidsports representative if you have any questions on how to receive scholarship assistance.

Kidsports Supports Our Troops’ Kids!

Kidsports supports our troops’ kids by offering free registration to a child of a current deployed Dad or Mom. This offer applies to one sport registration per school year. A parent or guardian will need to provide Kidsports a copy of the deployment orders and registration will need to be completed at our Eugene Kidsports office. For more information, contact 541-683-2374 ext. 0.

Scholarship Requirements

  1. Award letter from school stating reduced or free lunches. *Free Lunch Award Letter must state that you applied for and were granted free lunch based on income
  2. Or, proof of income (3 months worth) that should include any of the following:
    1. Pay stubs (3 month’s worth, make sure year to date is showing)
    2. Copy of letter stating child support (with amount shown)
    3. Copy of letter stating food stamp eligibility (with amount shown)
    4. Copy of letter stating social security income
    5. Copy of letter stating unemployment eligibility (with amount shown)
    6. Copy of financial aid award letter