Summer ‘Pop-Up’ Neighborhood Camps

Free Summer Camp Sessions at local area schools and parks

FREE Pop-Up Summer Camps are focused on providing age appropriate movement & motor skill development, modified multi-sport games, and a chance for kids to move, play, and have fun.

Camps are open for kids entering K-8th grade this fall. Space is limited.  Register in the grade your child is entering this fall.

  • June 19th, 9am-11am, McCornack Elementary School
  • June 21st, 9am-11am, Howard Elementary School
  • June 28th, 9am-11am, Danebo Elementary School
  • July 12th, 9am-11am, Guy Lee Elementary School
  • July 19th, 9am-11am, Gilham Elementary School
  • July 26th, 9am-11am, Chavez Elementary School
  • Aug 2nd, 9am-11am, Spring Creek Elementary School
  • Aug 7th, 9am-11am, State Street Park
  • Aug 8th, 9am-11am, Page Elementary School
  • Aug 9th, 9am-11am, Maurie Jacobs Park

Camp Information:

Camps provide a combined curriculum of structured and unstructured play for all kids:

Structured Play:
Children will be provided choices in structured activities such as obstacle course, individual, & various teams sport activities.

Unstructured Play:
Children will be provided with the opportunity to innovate and create games of their choosing and imagination. Studies show that unstructured, self-directed play is essential for healthy development and aids in a child’s emotional growth with better self-regulation, conflict resolution and impulse control.

Safety and Sanitation

We plan to adhere to the latest Covid guidance from the Oregon Health Authority and Lane County Health at the time of the camps.