Flag Football Rules

KIDSPORTS Fall 7v7 Flag Football will follow the USA Football 7v7 Flag Rule Book, with some modifications and clarifications below.

Ball Sizes:
1st-4th Grade = Peewee
5th-6th Grade = Junior
7th-8th Grade = Intermediate
9th-12th Grade = Official

Field configurations will be modified to have 2 games at a time, each starting from the 40-yard line on each side of the field.

1st-2nd Grade Modifications:

Rule 6-3 Play Clock
Coach referees will be lenient with the 30-second play clock between plays.

Rule 7-2 Scoring/No-Run Zone
The no-run zone will not apply.

Rule 11-1-a Passing
Coach referees will be lenient with the ‘illegal forward passes’ if a good-faith effort is made to throw the ball forward.

3rd-12th Grade Modifications: